GOCDB is a service devoted to the system administrators of the Grid sites belonging to Africa ROC. GOCDB consists of a central authoritative database which contains static resource and topology related data about EUMEDGRID-Support and SAGrid infrastructures. It stores information about regions, countries, sites, nodes, services and users, and links this information together in a logical way.

To access the GOCDB be sure to have a personal certificate released by any of the available EUGRID PMA' CAs and visit: https://gocdb.africa-grid.org/index.php

How to register

Once connected to the GOCDB each eumed Grid site administrator has to register. On the left side of the menu area there exist a link pointing to the user registration. In order to register, the user has to fill a web form and then submit it to confirm. The registration is totally automated and there is no need for other parties approval.

Apply for site admin roles

After the user registration, a site administrator may apply for GOCDB site administration role requesting it form the Roles requests page. After requesting the role, please send an email to: wp4@eumedgrid.eu in order to accept/deny your request.


All EUMEDGRID-Support Sites are already registered and your site should be already inserted into the GOCDB however in case your site is not present in the list, please send to the wp4@eumedgrid.eu mailing list a mail requesting to register your site.

Site services

It is of crucial importance to register each site service into the GOCDB. After requesting the site admin privilege it is mandatory to inser all site details into the GOCDB. To accomplish this taks, just click into the menu add a new service.

-- EumedUser - 2011-03-21

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