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This page contains information related to SL5/gLite3.2 installation. Feedback is more than welcome, to keep this page updated and (hopefully) useful. The page was originally prepared for the eumed VO: however, most of its (and its links') content is generic, and may be used by other VOs as well. Again, your feedback is more than welcome.

Note that these pages are meant as a further assistance on top of the standard official gLite32 installation guides:

so you are encouraged to read official instructions first, and then find some other bit of information here.

In general, the content refers to the INFNgrid customization, although most of it may be applicable to plain EGEE gLite release as well.

Note that the attached files or archives will allow you to fully configure the most important services at your site. As for the supported VirtualOrganizations, these include africacert , sagrid , among others.

-- FulvioGaleazzi - 2010-06-24

Topic attachments
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batcmd chkconfig_startstop.cmd manage 0.9 K 2010-05-21 - 09:16 FulvioGaleazzi list of services to start/stop
shsh manage 1.2 K 2011-07-29 - 10:50 FulvioGaleazzi Simple script to download topBDII file from the web and copy to specified path on disk
ziptgz glite31_yum_localmirror.tgz manage 5.6 K 2011-11-25 - 07:57 FulvioGaleazzi gLite3.1 yum configuration files for EGEE/InfnGrid (national mirror and official repository)
ziptgz glite32_yum_localmirror.tgz manage 3.6 K 2011-11-23 - 09:08 FulvioGaleazzi gLite3.2 yum configuration files for EGEE/InfnGrid (national mirror and official repository)
ziptgz mrepo_conf_localmirror.tgz manage 2.5 K 2010-06-24 - 12:29 FulvioGaleazzi mrepo configuration files for national mirror repositories
ziptgz mrepo_conf_official.tgz manage 2.7 K 2010-06-24 - 12:28 FulvioGaleazzi mrepo configuration files for official repositories
elseks part_40_packages.ks manage 1.6 K 2010-05-17 - 14:03 FulvioGaleazzi part of the kickstart file related to packages
elselist rpm_toadd.list manage 0.6 K 2010-08-23 - 15:06 FulvioGaleazzi list of packages to add
elselist rpm_toremove.list manage 1.5 K 2010-08-23 - 15:22 FulvioGaleazzi list of packages to remove
ziptgz siteinfo_20111123.tgz manage 105.6 K 2011-11-23 - 09:20 FulvioGaleazzi siteinfo tree, to be saved and untar'ed under /root/
elseEXT ssh_config manage 0.6 K 2010-05-21 - 09:35 FulvioGaleazzi system-wide ssh configuration
ziptgz testMpiJob_20110210.tgz manage 1.7 K 2011-02-10 - 11:40 FulvioGaleazzi set of files to test MPI support at a site
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